Wedding Ceremony

Saturday, 31st of October 2015

11.30 – 15.00hrs


Dress code: Cutaway / Dark suit & Cocktail dress

Wedding ceremony will commence at the Habsburg Staterooms in Albertina at sharp 12.00hrs (so please try to come at 11.30hrs to be seated). The ceremony will be indoors at the magnificent Hall of Muses, which is one of our most favorite palatial rooms in Vienna.

This venue has a rich history of art and interior design under the rule of different royal courts across many centuries, then expropriation in 1919, conversion into public space and final restoration in 2007. After decades of neglect, today the lavish period interiors send the visitor back in time, evoking the age of Neoclassicism and the private and ceremonial lives of the people who lived in the palace.

We hope you will see that we chose this palace for our special day because we are passionate about what it represents – that change and transformation to modernity are two inevitable forces. Yet, maintaining and appreciating the arts and cultural heritage is our responsibility too.  

We will also have the civil wedding protocol there, so you can expect a few (hopefully) short speeches, the exchange of vows, signing of the marriage contract, alltogether 30-40min tops. Thankfully, a wedding reception will follow immediately after the ceremony, with wine and canapes, served by our favorite caterer DO&CO.

We will conclude the ceremony with a group picture at sharp 14.45hrs outside in front of Albertina Museum or inside, at the main hall staircase, depending on the weather.

Private Tour


Since we are already at the magnificent rooms of Albertina, we would like to invite our art & culture loving guests for a special private tour of the Albertina Museum current exhibition, in English language.  The tour will start at 15.00hrs until approx. 16.30hrs. Still enough time to go home and rest for the big party afterwards. 

Those of you who are interested, please email in advance at: to confirm your attendance by 28th of September 2015.


When: Saturday, 31st of October 2015, 11:30 – 15:00 hrs

Where:  Albertina Museum, Albertinaplatz 1, 1010 Wien

Dress code: Cutaway / Dark suit  & Cocktail dress