Our Story

I guess this was a typical “boy meets girl in a bar” story. Except that it wasn’t! Something strange happened, because boy lost his mind over girl, and girl didn’t want to give her number. But who could possibly resist this boy! Boy did everything by the book, and girl very soon fell head over heels too. Little did they know, they had just met their “Lobster” (if you were a TV Series “Friends” fanatic like we are, you’d know what that means). 

And so a great journey began. Full of travels and adventures. Party and romance. Oceans and mountains. Shallowness and great depths. And of course, lots of gourmet food (if you know us well, you probably already guessed this).

Getting to know each other was the sweetest adventure of their lives. Discovering they shared in so many common values and interests was the most pleasant and spiritual journey. 

Fast forward two years later, one beautiful day in Rome, carefully chosen and meticulously planned…