Rita & Alexander


Saturday, 31st of OCTOBER 2015

Our Story

I guess this was a typical “boy meets girl in a bar” story. Except that it wasn’t! Something strange happened, because boy lost his mind over girl, and girl didn’t want to give her number. But who could possibly resist this boy! Boy did everything by the book, and girl very soon fell head over heels too. Little did they know, they had just met their “Lobster” (if you were a TV Series “Friends” fanatic like we are, you’d know what that means). 

And so a great journey began. Full of travels and adventures. Party and romance. Oceans and mountains. Shallowness and great depths. And of course, lots of gourmet food (if you know us well, you probably already guessed this).

Getting to know each other was the sweetest adventure of their lives. Discovering they shared in so many common values and interests was the most pleasant and spiritual journey. 

Fast forward two years later, one beautiful day in Rome, carefully chosen and meticulously planned…

He proposed

Alexander’s Story

„There are endless reasons why to choose Rome as your engagement destination, apart from the obvious that you cannot do much wrong. For me it was a chance to link ourselves to a place we hold so dear in our heart, and create memories which we can relive and cherish forever. 

Contemplating about the proposal for some time, I knew Rita would have really wanted to be surprised, therefore I used our anniversary and my birthday as a disguise. I procured the stone in Antwerp, had the ring designed and made in Vienna, and I just couldn’t wait for the moment to arrive. I felt it in my gut that she was “The One”, long before she or anyone else could have even imagined.“


Rita’s Story

“Alexander has always been very romantic and is famous for his acts of surprises. But on this trip to Rome, he was particularly excited and had gone out of his way to pick the best places, with the most magical views of this magnificent city, and the best of service and everything else.

wedd3I was already feeling like in heaven that day, grateful to be celebrating two amazing years with a special person like him, without the slightest idea what was to come that evening. When the moment came, he read me a letter he had written, got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him. I was so awestruck by the words in his letter, mesmerized by the beauty of every detail around me and totally surprised. I cried! Cliché, I know- but yes, I cried. Nothing in life ever before felt as right as this moment with him, right there. I concluded women emancipation does not (have to) kill romance :-)


With tears in my eyes, I said: “Yes! Yes of course!”

She said yes